Darryl's™ Engine Features

Every Genuine Darryl's™, Zero-mile
Air-cooled Volkswagen® Engine Features:
  • NEW 043-style universal engine case for all conventional Type I and other upright air-cooled VW engine applications
  • NEW Dual-port heads for use with unleaded fuel - not reground
  • NEW Pistons & cylinders
  • NEW 69mm crankshaft - not reground
  • NEW Connecting rods
  • NEW Camshaft - not reground
  • NEW Solid lifters - not reground
  • NEW Main, rod, & cam bearings
  • NEW Oil cooler
  • NEW Heavy-duty 26mm x 8mm oil pump
  • NEW Heavy-duty 9mm valve-adjusting screws
  • NEW Late-model large 18mm oil scavenge tube
  • NEW Front Crankshaft Pulley
  • NEW 200mm 4 Dowel Flywheel
  • NEW Spark plugs, ignition wires, ignition points, 
  • NEW Rotor, & rotor cap
  • NEW 'Blue' coil
  • NEW '009'-style centrifugal advance distributor
  • NEW ALX82-style 12v alternator
  • NEW 34-PICT 3 carburetor
  • NEW Fuel pump
  • NEW Muffler & heater boxes
Plus, No Core Exchange Necessary!

And, every engine is protected by our exclusive, 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty

Quality is always a top priority at Darryl's.  The parts we use in our engines are always the best quality available and include brand names like Bosch®, Autolina®, Mahle®, Kolbenschimidt®, Bruck®, Schadek®, and Bocar®.  And, whenever possible, we use as many OEM, German, and Dutch component as we can.  Availability changes daily, so call us to discuss the choices available for your engine today.

*The Not-So-Fine Print

All major components and critical internal parts in Genuine Darryl's™ replacement engines for air-cooled Volkswagen are brand new, first-quality parts. Occasionally, due to availability issues, some non-critical, non-mechanical parts like engine cooling tin, intake risers, nuts, bolts, etc. may be substituted with high quality, refurbished parts.

See, that wasn't so bad.