Professional Restoration

Darryl’s offers complete, professional vintage air-cooled VW restoration services. All work is done in-house, by our seasoned restoration team.

We provide a wide range of restoration options, from economical everyday repaints to complete, show-quality restorations.

For more information about Darryl's™ air-cooled Volkswagen restoration services, contact us today at (417) 592-0936 or drop us an email.

Darryl's™ 4-Phase Restoration Process

At Darryl’s™, every professional Volkswagen restoration goes through a 4-phase process:

Phase 1: Chassis
The vehicle is disassembled, then the chassis is media-blasted, repaired, refinished, and reassembled.

Phase 2: Body
After properly repair work, we finish the body work and paint the car inside & out with a high-quality finish.

Phase 3: Interior
After carefully removing the old upholstery, we repair, and powder-coat the seat frames. Then we install the new upholstery, headliner & first-quality carpet.

Phase 4: Assembly
Finally, we reassemble the entire vehicle, complete with all-new rubber seals, inside and out.

Darryl's™ Air-cooled VW Restorations

Got Questions?

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