The Darryl's™  Volkswagen
Restoration Process

At Darryl’s™, all body-off Volkswagen restorations begin with just that; we take the body off. This starts the first of four restoration phases.

Phase 1: Chassis

We start by carefully removing the body from the rolling chassis, all floorpans, front axle assembly, motor, and transaxle assembly.

Next, we media-blast the entire chassis, weld-in & seam-seal new top-quality floorpans, install a new front axle assembly & rebuild rear suspension complete with an all new brake system.

At the same time, build a new air-cooled engine & transaxle to your specifications, original or otherwise, or replace it completely with an all-new Genuine Darryl's™ zero-mile turnkey engine of your choice.

The completed chassis is then seam-sealed, painted, and undercoated or upgraded to a durable powder-coated finish.

Phase 2: Body

Our team repairs any body damage, replacing any necessary body panels or components with top-quality replacements as we go, then media-blasts the entire body. Next, they finish the body work and paint the car inside & out with a high-quality finish.

Volkswagen OEM Glasurit® finishes are available.

Phase 3: Interior
We carefully remove all the old upholstery, taking care to preserve anything we can as we go.

Next, we repair, and powder-coat the seat frames. Then we install new top-quality padding, upholstery, door & quarter panels, headliner & carpet.

Phase 4: Assembly

Finally, we reassemble the entire vehicle, complete with all-new rubber seals, inside and out.

Every Darryl’s restoration is carefully inspected, adjusted, aligned, and lubricated before it leaves, so it is ready for the show- or the road.