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Linda L.

posted Sep 4, 2012, 12:38 PM by Site Administrator   [ updated Sep 4, 2012, 12:52 PM ]
"I purchased my first VW (also my first car!) in 1969. It was a vintage 1957 VW which had been very well maintained. My Dad and I picked it out and I paid $600.00 for it - a lot of money at the time. I had two other VW's in the 70's.

In May, 2000, my husband surprised me on our wedding anniversary with a beautiful yellow 1970 VW which I've named "LadyBug" (I know ladybugs are red - but the name seemed to suit her!!). This car had been owned by only one other person - an accountant who had bought the car new when he started college. He drove the car to and from college and for several years thereafter. At some point the car was parked in his garage where it sat for some time - until she became my little treasure. We've refurbished the car and she's really something I am proud of. I love driving her - I always get stories from previous / current VW owners. About 3 years ago, we discovered Darryl. He has worked on the car on the occasions she's needed repairs.

Darryl has a wonderful talent for working on these cars. He obviously loves VW's - it shows in the way he cares for the car while he has it in his shop. The shop is neat and clean. Darryl has always been very fair in his pricing. I would recommend Darryl to anyone who needs VW repairs."

October, 2008